Thursday, 13 July 2017

Using Colloidal Copper in Natural Soap - Amazing

I have been using a scalp formula shampoo recipe from by herbalist Tony Pantelleresco.  Because of the ingredient, colloidal copper citrate, I thought this may be good for dandruff but didn't consider the other purported benefits.
The other benefits have surprised me and I am now planning further soap ideas.

Ingredients are:
Natural liquid soap 500ml
Coffee (strong) - for increased hair roots for strength. 50ml
Colloidal copper citrate for restoring original hair colour for those who are greying ++. 50ml
Rosemary oil 10-20 drops

Because I knew copper to be antifungal and used in gardening the possibility of being an antidandruf caught my attention.

Copper, Coffee and Rosemary are nootropic (improves communication between neurons) and Tony said it may make you feel better.  This was the first thing I noticed.  After 6 weeks I realised that I was very clear in my mind and felt very positive even though at the time I was invalided with a back injury.

Then I noticed that the new hair growth in my grey areas was coming through it used to be in distant history.  Teasing my daughter I asked if she noticed anything different and she positively stated that I didn't have so many wrinkles on my face and that my spotty old ladies skin was clearing up (I am on the wrong side of 50).  This was a shock especially when my husband agreed and said I did look younger. My surprise is due to my natural scepticism to beauty, and miracle products.

Researching more on copper I found that it has all of these properties.
Restores natural hair colour by reversing the peroxides naturally produced by the body in the oxidation process.  This will not work for everyone as there are other factors involved.
Reduces wrinkles by strengthening collagen - and other connective tissue. Used in beauty and anti-aging creams.
Restores melanin improving natural sun resistance.
Improves mental function by improving neuron communication.
Reduces inflammation (good for arthritis), as well as being antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral.
Experimentation on tumours and skin cancers were positive.

Toxicity:  There is a lot written about toxicity and also fear mongering. I am satisfied that used properly there is no problem as it seems the poisoning cases were in industrial settings. Also problems have occurred in the presence of low Zinc levels.  Currently it is thought that up to 25% of the population actually lack copper which causes many health problems - some very serious.
Copper is an essential element = we need copper.
 I am always interested in historical use of products and found copper has a long positive history and many aspects of these are supported by modern medicine.
In no way is it the Roman lead cup issue (or US water supply). Used in soap my recommendation would be not to eat a bar of soap a day or drink your shampoo and you should be fine.
Should you be concerned here is a link that is interesting.

To make your own colloidal copper citrate, its simple but takes time. Watch the video on the link given.

I can only see positives for its use in all my soaps and will be using it in my bar soap as well.  This would strengthen the antibacterial / viral/ fungal properties in conjunction with essential oils used, in a natural way.  I am not driven to look 20 again but consider the beauty aspects of it, positive side effects.

Because of my preference for goat milk soap as a shampoo bar, I will probably reduce the goat milk to 50% and increase the overall "water" content and just allow it to dry longer.  If I can get a stronger colloidal copper I can reduce this amount and increase the goat milk.

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