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Chicken Stock - why?   No Human Embryonic Kidney and no MSG.
Ghee - why?                  It's a healthier, cheaper and tastier than most alternative oils.

Fruit Kvass - why?         A healthy, cheap and easy drink - with fizz if you like it like that.

Of course butter was always better.  Some oils just weren’t made for eating and no edible ones were meant to be extracted the way they do with caustic soda even before they plasticize it for margarine..

We could spend a lot of time looking at the corruption of all sciences and politics who promote and govern the use of certain products for financial gain and control of populations.  Corporations who finance a lot of modern science and control information outlets don’t have your best interests at heart.  
Rapeseed genetically engineered so it doesn’t make mustard gas or give critical lung disorders, then renamed so people don’t relate it to the poisonous plant gives us Canola Oil.  The heart foundation of Australia gives this the famous tick of approval.  To be approved by Government food bodies it had to have a history of no known adverse effects.  Canola was new and had no history as they turned a blind eye to Rapeseed.
“The caustic manufacturing process of canola should alone be enough to cause you to avoid this toxic oil.  In addition, canola oil inflames your body with foreign, genetically engineered DNA, trans fats, and toxic chemical residues. It is also a plague on the environment and a threat to organic farming and should be avoided.

The irony gets greater with the Australian Heart Foundation recommending we don’t use Coconut oil.

Recommendations for Healthier Fats and Oils:
Extra virgin olive oil that is cold pressed – conducts best under lower cooking temperatures.
Virgin coconut oil – cooks well under a wide range of temperatures. Offers an abundance of healthy saturated fats in the form of medium chain triglycerides (MCT), one being lauric acid which helps support the immune system.
Organic grass-fed butter or ghee – a great source of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) which has shown in studies to help prevent cancer, build muscle and burn fat. Both ghee and butter are very stable under high temperatures as well.”

Butter is not the heart attack machine.  Messing with the food chain – yes! Lack of exercise and lifestyle – yes! The weakening of our bodies because of the abuse of true science.  And once again the Bible was right, men’s hearts are failing for fear.  Stress, pressure, lack of purpose etc.

Right! Lets get on with Ghee.

Buy unsalted butter.  Simmer it in a pot on low, skimming off the froth (save this.  I first used reduced salt butter and these skimmings were evilly nice on boiled potatoes) till the milk solids are all removed (the bits that separate) and it bubbles bigger bubbles.

Ghee is cooked longer than clarified butter till the milk solids are brown, giving the ghee a nutty flavour and a longer shelf life.  6 months at room temperature.  12 months refrigerated.

Strain, contain and refrigerate ready to cook with.  The removal of the milk solids allows a higher cooking temperature and it will not smoke or burn like standard butter.  Smells great.

 That’s about ¼ the price of buying your Ghee.

Homemade Chicken Stock with Carcasses.

I always bought my stocks till I found that Oxo (one of the brands I would use) also uses HEK; the more palatable way to describe dead baby kidney.  So they use cells cloned from this and not little Billy’s kidney directly.  What madness do we accept in the name of advancement?  You actually don’t have to use Billy’s kidney, there are alternatives but there is more money to be made using Billy’s or Bobby’s.  How can it be that the government fund Planned Parenthood in USA and protect it from probes, when they are selling baby parts to the highest bidder?  Because they are a bunch of paedophiles themselves and the media covers it up - and we could guess why. 
That's the government and the following shows the military

Back to Chicken Stock
Stocks also use MSG which is an excitotoxin.  This does real life damage.
2 chicken carcasses left over from roast chicken.  Remover herbs from cavities. (I rough cut mine)
1 onion, cut.
2 celery sticks, chopped
1 large carrot, chopped
1 head of garlic, chopped
Less than 1/4 teaspoon black peppercorns
2 thyme sprigs
8  stems of parsley
4 litres of water

If you don’t like any of these ingredients reduce the quantity.

Bring all ingredients to a boil then reduce heat and simmer for 2 hours, skimming foam occasionally.
Strain stock through a fine-mesh sieve into a bowl and discard solids.  You can reduce the amount more should you wish by boiling further.  Fat can be removed when it cools (covered). Can be refrigerated for up to 3 days and frozen for 3 months.

You can save “bits’ of chicken such as the necks and wings and freeze them till you have enough to use.  Rough cut them.

The vitamins, minerals and “goodies” from all the ingredients boils out of the fibrous mass into the water.  Discarding the solids loses very little of this.  The stock will gel a little when cool.  Use it in as a stock or dilute to suit for chicken soup.

For further reading on excitotoxins what they are and the real life damage they do click on the link

Fruit Kvass

Clean and cut fruit of choice into a jar so that when covered in water the fruit is about 1/4 the volume. Cut firm fruit smaller as I found that the pear worked very quickly as it softened.  The plums and apple will be more effective smaller.  Add 2-3 desert spoons of raw honey for a 700ml jar.
Leave on the bench for 3 days-4 days and it will start bubbling on the second day.  It may take longer in cooler temperatures (we are having 28degreeC days and warm nights).

Gently stir or shake a few times through the day so that mould doesn't form on the floating fruit.

I strained the fruit pulp off after 4 days and put some straight into the fridge.  I bottled some and  left it on the bench for another 2 days before refrigerating.  The bottled kvass became very bubbly, similar to home made ginger beer.  I think it tasted better with the extra bubble time.

My husband thinks it tastes like vinegar but said the ones with plums were OK.  I find the fruit flavour comes through well and the fermented taste very much in the background.

I added another 50% water and found it still had a strong enough flavour.

Kvass I have made and opinion:
Dark plums, apple, peach and pear with a few raisins. 2 spoons of honey.  Nice
Dark plums and apple. 2-3 spoon of honey.  Fresh, nice.  This is my favourite so far.
Pear and raisins.  2 spoons of honey. Subdued fruit flavour but I liked it.
Apple and raisins with 2 spoons of honey.  This was too sweet and I wasn't keen on the flavour.

I am trying Apple with mint and lemon grass and 1 spoon of honey.
I am also trying mango and plum at the moment 1 spoon of honey.

You could add cinnamon, ginger, and other herbs or spices.

This is an excellent alternative to soda and healthier than fruit juices because of the fermentation process.  Excellent for improving gut bacteria = better digestion = better health.

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