Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Why make your own soap, cleaning and personal care products and other home remedies?

QualityThey are often more effective but at least as effective.
Health: You control the chemicals in your home with notable and measurable improvements in conditions we put up with.  Some of these are caused from commercially made products.  Read the labels of ingredients and do a quick search of the chemicals put in and on our bodies.  You have more control over what goes into/on your body. This highlights the preventative health benefits of what is referred to as natural products.

Cost: Ranging between getting a good product for cheap and nasty shop product, price (reducing secondary costs eg. lotions and potions needed for allergies caused by chemicals in commonly brought products), but mostly a lot cheaper. Absolutely worth it. 
Satisfaction of making your own things especially if someone is relieved of a health condition.

Great for gifts. People appreciate hand made products.

There are trade-off's. Making your own products takes time. Some things aren't so convenient. That can swing both ways as having knowledge can allow you to make up a remedy in the middle of the night when you can’t get to a shop. Sometimes you have to change your normal way of doing things to allow for the weak point of your home made product. Sometimes there are too many negatives and you leave that one behind. The point of balance is personal.

There may be better ingredients and results but I'm happy to keep things as simple as possible for the best price without compromising the results too much.  For this reason I limit the range of oils I use and generally keep to the cheaper and more commonly used Essential Oils.
I want to acknowledge  www.mommypotamus.com for some of the recipes and also the general ideas for other things.  Another site that has expanded my thoughts is www.wellnessmama.com.  I have also used  soapcalc.net and www.summerbeemeadow a lot. 

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